It’s all in the planning. Let GDA guide you through every step of your Australian food packaging journey


Step One.

The success of any branding and packaging begins with careful planning. At this crucial stage, the market is analysed and the client’s position within it ascertained. Unique selling propositions are identified, together with points of differentiation with competitors. The whole product backstory, the passion behind its development, the personalities involved: every aspect is considered and optimised. It is essential when looking to choose Australian food packaging design that this step is explored. Without it you are flying blind and hoping you get to the right destination.

Equipped with a shared vision, on a trajectory towards the same target, the journey begins to a winning logo, branding, packaging, website and more.


Step two.
brainstorming initial concepts

Once the data is collected and analysed, it’s time to work out some key issues. How to make your Australian food packaging design jump out off the shelf? How best to showcase the product’s unique qualities?

This is a time of considering options, being brave with trying out new ideas. Mulling over ways to give the product the best platform and communicate its story with maximum impact. Two or three concepts are usually produced and presented to the client for feedback. They may be hybrids blending the client’s and designer’s vision as well as maverick, out-of-the-box suggestions to test the water. Creative thinking is our obsession.

Australian Food Packaging

Step Three.

This is the client’s time. Time to consider the concepts and decide which designs or which aspects of the designs you like. Some elements may be spot on. Others could do with revisiting. This is a period of discussion between agency and client, smoothing out any niggles, fine-tuning every last detail. Once approved, the designs are made shelf ready. Designs that not only hit the brief but grab attention at point of sale. This finished design will be rolled out across all the products, ensuring 100% branding continuity. As Australian food packaging designers its our job to support and guide you. Partnership is the key to success

Australian Food Packaging

Step Four.
Getting it tasted/seen

The pace really picks up in the final stage of the journey. Like iron filings to a magnet, this is when all the elements and marketing materials come together to support the product’s launch.

It's time out all the stops to get the product out there and make it resonate with its intended audience. Whether that’s via a seamless, e-commerce website, striking merchandising, appealing point-of-sale advertising or something completely different, the race is on to make the product shine out in the marketplace. GDA's Australian food packaging design team offer the best advice for your brand – all with the genuine passion for which it is renowned.

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The packaging looks amazing! Maria was always super quick to make changes. We were trying to get our product on the market before Christmas and Maria made it possible. Would definitely recommend.

Nigel & Mel – Spark Shark